Poster of historical map of Europe. Map of europe in 1226. Map of Europe in the 13th century.
Making the map of Europe in 1226. j dannevig
Historical map of Europe poster on a wall
Medium size poster of map of Europe in 1226
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Europe 1226

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This poster shows Europe in 13th century - 1226. This is the time of Genghis Khan and fierce Crusades.

  • We collaborate with local Danish printing services.
  • We use high-quality 190g, acid-free paper. 
  • Every map has been handmade, using the newest historical research.
  • It comes with a folder containing information about 1226.
  • You can hang it on your wall or give it away as a gift - it's a hit with anyone interested in history. 

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What happened in 1226?

Genghis Khan is old and tired and in a year (1227), he will fall dead. Already in 1226, he had written himself into the history books, as the founder of what would be the largest continuous empire in world history. His son, Ögedei Khan, will succeed him and in a few years The Mongol Empire will be in Europe.

In Europe, The Crusades are raging: From the Reconquista in the west, to The Northern Crusades in The Baltic, to The Crusades in the Holy Land. Denmark is at one of it's high points, having conquered a huge area of Estonia and receiving their flag from the heavens in the same land (or so the legend says).


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